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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Preview of the Warriors Schedule Part II

At the Detroit Pistons

The Warriors have better guards, forwards, and chemistry. They should win this one comfortably even though the Pistons can cause some problems in terms of height and length. Either way Curry should have a big bounce back game and Monta should have no trouble getting around Richard Hamilton and posting up Ben Gordon when he's on the floor. The Warriors defense should also have one of their best showings of the season against this team since they are lacking a true point guard and post presence. Warriors win.

At the Toronto Raptors

This game will provide another opportunity for the Dubs to build some confidence on the road. The Raptors like to run but they just can't match up with the Warriors at any position. Unless Andrea Bargnani has a huge game (think 30 plus points) then the W's should win this one easily and again this is an important game for them because they need to win these kinds of games on the road. They are the better team, period. The Dubs need to be past the point where they play teams like the Lakers and Celtics tough at home but then lose to the Raptors and Pistons on the road. These are the games that Keith Smart should be concerned about. Warriors win.

At the New York Knicks

The Dubs seem to always play well at Madison Square Garden and this night should be no exception. David Lee should have a big game for obvious motivational reasons and just like the teams they will have already met on this road trip, they're just plain better. It would be nice to see the W's come into New York with some confidence and urgency as opposed to being relaxed from their previous victories. The way the team performs in this one will be a good barometer of Keith Smart's coaching performance thus far. Typically, the Dubs play vey well against Mike D'Antoni led teams and that should not change here. Warriors win.

At the Chicago Bulls

At 5-3 the Dubs should be feeling pretty good about themselves heading into Chicago and they should look to sneak out with a win. Carlos Boozer will not be there so once again David Lee should continue to produce. The Bulls will play defense and that might get them over the hump. Coupled with the fact that the Dubs will still be the road team and having played the night before, it would be okay if the Dubs dropped this one. Bulls win.

At the Milwaukee Bucks

I like Milwaukee this year and they will be a force. They're better coached and have far better depth but the Warriors should still be able to steal this one. Stephen Curry didn't start the game last year when Brandon Jennings torched the Warriors for 55 points. Not to say that Curry will be the defensive savior, but I bring it up because more than likely he will take a little pride in the individual battle and come out the victor. Also, lost in the hoopla of Brandon's performance was the fact that the Bucks still only won by four points even though Andrew Bogut had a great game as well. Monta Ellis wasn't too shabby though and the Warriors were without Andris Biedrins. The benches will be the difference makers in this game and I don't see Keith Smart outcoaching Scott Skiles in this one. A tough loss but a close one, Bucks win.

So a 5-5 start should be a reasonable goal for this team and 6-4 is a more than realistic option as well. Since the Warriors start with a long and early road trip it will be interesting to see how they respond to Keith Smart when they face the normal ups and downs of an eastern conference schedule. When they're tired or down by 10, the bench isn't producing, they get a lead early and lose the lead late, someone gets hurt, etc. These are the differences to look for if they plan to be a playoff team. Also, winning the games they should and playing as hard against the elite teams as the mediocre ones. These first 10 games will set the tone for their season on the road.

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