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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A New Starting Five For These Struggling Teams

Evan Turner-Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are 1-4 and have started Jason Kapono and Andres Nocioni over the number two pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. I always question the logic of teams who are in the lottery and then don't start who they draft. If the player isn't good enough to start right away, why did you draft him? Either way, this case doesn't need to be made based on his draft position, his production alone is deserving of the starting slot at the one, two or three positions. Turner is averaging 9.2 points on .488% FG's and 5.6 rebounds a game in only 26 minutes a night. Everyone knows that Turner will need the ball in his hands to be successful in this league so why not just give it to him now when you're 1-4? Nothing against Jrue Holiday but I still don't get why there is so much hype about his game. He plays good defense and looked like he had improved his shot in Summer League, but thus far his .396% shooting and 5.4 assists per game aren't doing Philly any favors.

Lou Williams-Philadelphia 76ers

I think we're starting to figure out why Philly is 1-4. Williams leads the team in scoring with18 a night and is still dishing out 4 assists per game in only 26 minutes. At the very least, starting Lou at shooting guard with Evan at the point and Iguodala at the three would make them one of the best perimeter trios in the league in terms of production. Now that Elton Brand has got his groove back the perimeter play needs to compliment his 18 points per game and wildly impressive shooting (.561%).  Louis launching from deep would do that. Jrue Holiday would be a nice compliment to Thaddeus Young off the bench and just imagine if they played Mareese Speights as well.

Hakim Warrick-Phoenix Suns

This one is easy. Amar'e Stoudemire is gone and so are his best qualities, namely, athleticism and his play on the pick and roll. So why has Hedo Turkoglu been the man to replace him? His best qualities are passing and shooting. He's not passing, (1.5 assists per) scoring, (8.5 points) rebounding, (3 a night) shooting, (.379% from the field but .400% from three to his credit) or fitting in (24 minutes per, Suns 1-3). Hakim Warrick on the other hand is athletic, can play the pick and roll and has produced with 12.3 points, 5.5 rebounds on .571% from the field in his Yao Ming like, 23 minutes per game. With career averages of 17 and 7 per 36 minutes, who knew? The Suns did at some point, that's why they signed him to replace Stoudemire but apparently, things change.

Greg Monroe-Detroit Pistons

As the number seven pick in the draft, we can apply the Evan Turner logic here as well. Although the production is lacking in comparison. Jonas Jerebko who was going to start at power forward is out for the year so. . . Greg Monroe is still not starting for an 0-5 Pistons team that is beginning to tune out it's coach. Lest we forget that Monroe fell to the Pistons because my Warriors didn't draft him, offering a glimmer of hope for the franchise. Sitting at 0-5 it is safe to say that glimmer is not coming from within the current rotation. It could come from Monroe and his 14.5 rebounds per 36 minute average, and perhaps with more time on the floor his passing would benefit the shooting touches of Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon. Perhaps a breath of fresh air in the form of Greg Monroe will excite everyone on the team! This is not a likely scenario, but it would be better than what we have seen so far.

Eric Bledsoe-Los Angeles Clippers

This one is easier said than done. Baron Davis, who has admitted to not being in shape and has a contract that cannot be easily traded, despite his sunny disposition, puts Vinny Del Negro in a tough spot. If the Clips bench B-Diddy it probably wouldn't go over to well, further complicating a delicate team chemistry. The Clips might even have to Jamaal Tinsley him. After one game, many people are jumping on the Bledsoe band wagon, but really it's about the wheels falling off of Baron's. Since he has been in L.A. he hasn't produced as expected and this year it's even worse (10.3 points, 5.7 ast, .324%FG's). What team wouldn't be confident that their point guard could produce better numbers than that? After one game, Bledsoe has proven he can, against Russell Westbrook no less.

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